• UBAYA Sport Challenge - Dept. of Electrical Engineering

    UBAYA Sport Challenge (USC2016): We learn..We share..We play together! Join US!

  • Industrial Robotic Design & Telecommunication Network Design

    We help you to build your own future

  • Industrial Robotic Design

    Mechatronics, Industrial Automation, Industrial Robotics, Embedded Systems, FPGA-based Systems

  • Telecommunication Network Design

    Computer Networks, Network Management, Telecommunication Networks (Wired, Wireless, Cellular, Satellite, Optical), Telephony Systems, Digital Signal & Image Processing

  • RobotiCenter for Research and Workshop in Robotics

    Algorithms, Mobile Robotics, Humanoids, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • RobotiClub for High School Students

    Algorithms, Programming, Robot Buildings

  • Professional Continuing Education (PCE) for Alumni and Community

    Lifelong learning program for our alumni and for all who want to improve their skills

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  • "Studies and practical experience that I have gained during studying in Dept. of Electrical Engineering - UBAYA, such as, electrical circuits, digital technology, PLC programming, and various soft skills are very helpful in my duties as automation engineer, especially during programming and troubleshooting the machine that using Siemens products."

    ~ Stefanus Erick Sebastian (Automation Engineer)
    PT. Simentari Abdhi Bina

  • "Study in Dept. of Electrical Engineering - UBAYA was exciting. Experiment tools are complete and up-to-date. Lecturers are competent. Supported by a good curriculum, graduates from Dept. of Electrical Engineering can compete with graduates from other reputable universities. Many of the course materials are useful for my work, such as, Electric Circuits, Control Systems, Physics, Chemistry, and Hardware and Software Programmable Logic Controller."

    ~ Hari Joko Amerikanto (Electrical Control & Instrument Technician)
    PT. YTL, Jawa Timur

  • "I hold undergraduate degree from Dept. Of Electrical Engineering - UBAYA and just received master degree in Medical Robotic from Dept. of Electrical Engineering, NTUST, Taiwan. During my undergraduate study at Dept. of Electrical Engineering - UBAYA, I have been provided with essential knowledge and skills, such as, basic electronics, electric circuits, digital electronics, system control, and also, soft skills that I have been trained in UBAYA, which is, the spirit of never give up. All lecturers are friendly and nice, made lectures such memorable. Curriculum is up-to-date. A lot of student activities, such as, student study group, welcome party for new students, and robotics club made me and my friends as well as lecturers getting closer."

    ~ Prasetya Hutomo (Master of Science in Medical Robotic)
    National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taiwan

  • "Attending various events during my study at Dept. Of Electrical Engineering - UBAYA made me have valuable experiences that are very useful for my current work at PT. Indonesia Power. For instance, my participation in robotics and PLC competitions led me learn how to work, collaborate, and interact within the team."

    ~ Aditya Eka Purba (Engineer)
    PT. Indonesia Power

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