Telecommunication Network Design Program - Overview

 The growth of telecommunication business is strongly supported by technological advances, lower communication devices price (laptop, tablet, smartphone), cheaper communication cost and the proliferation of communication apps, services and users (google, email, youtube, facebook, BBM, android etc.) as well as the quality, performance and reliability of the telecommunication network backbone.

Ubaya Telecommunication Network Design program provides the students with knowledge and skill to design, engineer, optimize and maintain the telecommunication network infrastructure such as Public Switch Telephone Network/PSTN (Telkom), Cellular Communication Network (GSM dan CDMA), computer network and data communication (internet, intranet, LAN, MAN, WAN), satellite network (vehicle navigation), broadcasting network (radio, TV, TV cable) and fiber optic network.

Telecommunication Network Design at Department of Electrical Engineering - UBAYA
- Strong in concept to application level -

Telecommunication Network Design Program at Department of Electrical Engineering UBAYA prepares students not only to have strong understanding at the level of concepts but also to have skills to turn the concepts to real applications. The complete laboratory facilities and up-to-date curriculum are proof of our commitment at this program. This program equips students with the technical skills and the basics of a strong technical knowledge in the field of Telecommunication Network. These are provided quite diverse but effective covering Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, Microcontroller, Computer Programming, Computer Networks, Telecommunication Network, Project Management, Communication Electronics, Electromagnetic & Antenna, Network Planning and Optimization, Mobile Device Programming, Wireless Communication, and so on. Lectures are performed by combining classroom session and supervised laboratory session, so that, students will have practical experience in applying the knowledge.

Telecommunication network Design at Department of Electrical Engineering - UBAYA
- Promising Career Prospects -

In the telecommunication era today, the telecommunication network engineer are highly required and widely open. The graduates of Telecommunication Network Design Program at Department of Electrical Engineering UBAYA have capability to lead a team, capable of designing and handling modern telecommunication network infrastructure. You can have career such as:

  • Network Engineer: Design, Implementation, Maintenance
  • Programmer
  • Manager in Project, Production, Engineering

Not just in the industry, with all high qualification of this program, you will also have a career in:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Government Institution
  • Entrepreneur

Telecommunication Network Design at Department of Electrical Engineering - UBAYA
- Up-to-date Curriculum and Facilities -

Telecommunication Network Design Program curriculum is designed to implement Student Centered Learning (SCL) as learning method and most courses are laboratory-based courses. The curriculum is designed so that students can learn to be more focused with an average of 5 courses per semester, easier to understand with integrated theory and laboratory work, and more enjoyable with up-to-date topics related to the needs of the industry. In addition, the curriculum also comes with a certification program that will be very beneficial for alumni to compete in the industry as well as strengthened by the writing and presentation skills in Indonesian and, of course, English. To equip graduates with a strong entrepreneurial skills, the curriculum is also provided with practical Entrepreneurship competence.

Student competency development process is strongly supported by the infrastructure provided. Lecturers are experienced and have master and doctoral degree from reputable universities. Students can develop their competency through laboratory work using laboratory module similar to equipment modules are widely used in industry. In addition, students also have the opportunity to learn through industrial visits, guest lectures from practitioners and internships in the industry.

  • Example of coursework on Computer Network


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