Academics - Overview


Department of Electrical Engineering offers new comprehensive curriculum, that is, competence-oriented curriculum, so that our students have strengths, skills, senses, ability, and good attitude to do what is needed in field of Electrical Engineering. This curriculum has been designed to give deep understanding by balancing classroom session against laboratory session. More than 50% of courses are project-based courses, some of them have laboratory sessions.

There are two concentrations of study in Department of Electrical Engineering:

  • Industrial Robotic Design
    We prepare our students to achieve good knowledge and skills in industrial automation and robotic technology, power line installation, PLC technology, robotics systems, embedded systems, and all aspects in human-machine interactions. They can work in industry, especially in automation industry based on PLC technology and robotics, industrial system installation, computer-based technology system.
  • Telecommunication Network Design
    By achieving in computer communication systems, network management, multimedia communication networks (wired, wireless, cellular, satellite, optical), telephony systems, audio/video/data communication technology, information processing technology, signal and image processing systems, our students can work in the industry, especially in computer-based communication industry, network management consultant, and information system industry.

Each concentrations of study has its own curriculum. For further information, please check it out by selecting the name of the concentration in Academics menu.

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